We know how critical it is for your child to receive the most attention possible — both from our teachers and their incredible parents. The younger a child is, the more attention they receive (which means the more teachers we’ll staff in a particular age room.) The child to teacher ratios at Carriage House childcare center are strictly regulated and adhered to to ensure your child’s success.

Infants - 3 children / 1 teacher

The Infant room is a special place a the Carriage House. From age 8 weeks to 1 year we nurture our babies and use the latest Creative Curriculum so they have the optimal development through this important phase of childhood. They are marinated in love and affection and treated with the utmost care by the expertise of our professional teachers.

Ones - 5 children / 1 teacher

The One's room is the a loving place for our toddling friends. Here they can explore age appropriate experiences, work on fine and gross motor skills, and learn to manage their feelings while still rocking and cuddling whenever needed. In this special room, kids start to make friendships and learn about self care through a loving and supportive environment. 

TODDLERS - 5 children / 1 teacher

The Toddler room is a busy place. Kiddos are doing more for themselves during this phase and we cultivate that curiosity into our daily routine. With creative play as our main focus, children are free to roam and explore the room on their own initiative while teachers offer stimulating experiences to enhance development of the brain, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, friendship and self care.

Preschool - 7 children / 1 teacher

This is where the fun is! Preschoolers are challenged and encouraged to grow through play. Our teachers know how to make the day a fun one while still stimulating their development through exciting experiences that promote friendships, self care, literacy, math, science, social emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills and more. 

pre-kindergarten - 8 children / 1 teacher

Our teachers know how to prepare our kiddos for kindergarten. Through all kinds of fun curriculum our play-centric environment promotes kindergarten readiness by focusing on social emotional skills, friendship, self care, literacy, science and math all while engaging the child in a loving environment.